The types of wastes are:

  • MSW (house hold)
  • Agriculture waste (crops residues – branches – banana trees….)
  • Animal waste (chicken manure – caw manure)
  • Food industry waste (beat)
  • Canning industry waste (juices)
  • Non-hazards wastes (for landfill projects)
  • If  Capacity:                  160 ton /day
    Sorting line:                 1
    Designated Area:          18000 m2
  • If Capacity:                   320 ton /day
    Sorting line:                  2
  • If Capacity:                   640 ton /day
    Sorting line:                 3
    Designated Area:          70000 m2

Maturation period is 2 months for MSW - 3 months for agriculture waste. 

  • 6 months for sorting line only excluding shipping period.
  • 9 months for complete project (civil, mechanical & electrical works). 

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