Biomass treatment facilities

Engineering Tasks Group, "ENTAG"is specialized in Biomass management projects. The main objective of "ENTAG" is to expand in biomass management projects to protect the environment from pollution caused by the burning of the biomass.

Since 2011 "ENTAG" supports its sister company "ECARU" in Biomass management projects in Egypt governorates & Republic of Ethiopia, which has provided "ENTAG" with the privilege to hire and retain the most qualified biomass management specialists in Egypt and Ethiopia, "ENTAG"᾽s team of experts has a vast experience in Biomass equipment design.

Biomass fuel –switching is possible, achievable and beneficial to the environment and companies that are willing to embrace it. Once implemented, companies can also benefit from the generation of carbon credits through the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

Countries could save foreign currency, create jobs and start a sustainable biomass industry. This would help to reduce deforestation and soil erosion, while simultaneously offering social benefits to rural community.

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