Mobile Trommel Screen 8m


There are two types from screen one of them is Mobile and the other Fixed. The screen used to separate the organic matter from the reject, the mobile screen can be moved from one place to another. the both mobile and fixed screen are provided with four conveyors for feeding and organic collection . Control of screened material is possible by using different mesh sizes more efficiency is obtained by sharp barriers.



إسطواني دوار



القطر الداخلي للإسطوانه


2.2 m

Drum diameter

المحرك الكهربي

2×7.5 ك.وات

2x7.5 kW

Electric motor

قطر الثقوب

50 -100 مم

50 -100 mm

Mesh size

سرعة دوران المنخل

20-18 لفه/دقيقة

20-18 r.p.m

Trommel speed

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