Design, supplying and construction of two sorting units for upgrading EL SAWANY MSW treatment plant.

El Sawany – Tripoli
500 ton/day, (One shift, 8 hr)
Nov 2001-Nov 2002
Engineering Capabilities

Environmental Protection Agency has a large factory in Tripoli ( Sawani area ) for domestic solid waste recycling with capacity of 500 tons/day and turned off from work

 ENTAG had signed a contract with Environmental  Protection Agency (Tripoli Munucipality) for  adding units for upgrade and re-operate the plant at full capacity, commensurate with the nature of the waste contained

Implementation and operation the upgrading units

All business have been implemented within a set of contracts include the operation and management of the plant.

The factory production  of organic compost has contributed in the development of agricultural projects in Libya particulary the cultivation of palm trees on a large scale project in addition to various types of cultivations.

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